Comission oil color portrait.
How does it work?
Classical oil portrait should not be made from a photo. The person really has to sit still for a few hours. But it can be an amazing meditative experience away from gadgets and work :)
The portrait will be made in one sitting in a private art studio in Friedenstraße (U Weberwiese) and can be picked up in a few weeks when it is dry.
Sustainable gift idea we all looking for!
Support Berlin based visual artist
Surprise someone special with original gift
Pick comfortable time for posing. Portrait voucher is valid for 12 months
Private art studio located in Berlin-Friedrichshain (U Weberwiese)
Approximate size is 30x40 or 40x50 cm
Posing takes approx. 4 hours and portrait can be picked up in a few weeks when it is dry
Voucher for one classical oil color portrait. Could be passed as a gift to someone. Valid for 12 months.

Pay € 150