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Life drawing class in Berlin-Friedrichshain
Keywords: Interdisciplinary, Inclusive, Transformative, Reflective, Empowering
Every Sunday 13.00 – 16.00
Group of max. 10 participants
Wein Salon
Schreinerstraße 59

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What will you learn?
Creative thinking
Choose your best works
Develop unique style
Learn the rules to know what to break
Understand space, forms and light
Experiment with different materials and technique
Colour theory
Principles of classical

What is not a part of this class?
Copying. A lot of art classes make you copy art, in this class you will be taught how to see things in order to "digest" them into unique art.
If you learn that skill, you can do any modern kind of art, photography, design etc
Structure of each art class:
Class is 3 hours (180 min) long
Introduction - 30 min
Participants briefly introduce themselves and describe what they would like to learn in the class. Teacher explains one topic or challenge for the class. For example how to compose objects, how to find format, how to choose material etc.

Life drawing - 2 hours with small break
Each participants can choose between drawing the life model (one long pose per class) or drawing still life objects, depending on their level and interest. At any time they can ask the teacher a question or share their progress.
Questions and feedback - 30 min
Participants exhibit works they created during the class and the homework they brought. They discuss it and ask questions. Teacher gives them feedback and new homework.
What is special about us:
Individual approach
Same class is open to people of all levels and more close to several individual classes combined in the same time and space. People can even choose between drawing still life objects or model.
Strict body positive and zero tolerance to any discrimination.
Diverse life models
People of different gender expression, size, nationalities as models.
Freedom of choice of materials
Classical drawing encourage use of easels and we provide them, but we are welcoming people using all technics and materials, including digital (pads and stilus) + collages.
Relaxed atmosphere
Academical drawing doesn't mean strict and tense. The teachers don't take themselves too serious and are always open to feedback. Grab a drink and a snack.
Long poses
1 pose per class. If you want to do shorter sketches - feel free to move around the room.
Get homework
Each participant is provided with individual non-mandatory homework assignments that we discuss in the next class.
Drawing of one of the students from the very first class and from the second class.
Another student progress from the first class to the second class (3 weeks apart):
Drawing of one of the students from the very first class and from the second class.
Sign up for class
We kindly ask people to let us know, when you are coming to a class on a certain date. So we can make sure there are enough places, easels etc for everyone. Even a few hours in advance is okay.